Office Managers

Comprehensive patient management that is virtually simple…

A virtual medical Practice Management program from, gives office managers the flexibility to minimize time-consuming bureaucracy and focus on patient management. Our virtual medical office handles everything, including patient reminders, records, accounts receivable, and flexible appointment scheduling. Interactions with insurance companies are streamlined as patients’ eligibility and coverage can be verified instantly. Every aspect of billing is automated and simplified. Unlike in-house computers and hardware, with our patient management system you never have to pay for servers, software, or updates, and you don’t have to back up data daily; it’s all automated. And, on top of that, the reporting and analysis feature allows you to see exactly how productive and profitable the system is allowing the practice to be.

What would you do if you could finish all of your office’s patient management with the push of a button? provides your office with automated operations, seamless and continuous updates and automatic system maintenance. A suite of integrated applications and services exceeding that offered by the competition facilitates patient and records management systems with enhanced workflows and automated processing.’s medical practice software is easy to set-up and in just a few days you can reap the benefits of a paperless management system, including:

  • Online insurance eligibility verification and automated claims processing
  • Statement printing, reminders, mailing, and dunning notices
  • Unlimited history of insurance plans
  • Shared document management
  • Unparalleled audit trail of insurance forms, claims and statements
  • Schedule management is streamlined with flexible appointment scheduling and automatic reminders
  • On-demand report writing, prescription writing and drug management, with medical records available on-demand
  • Complete patient histories from our global patient network
  • Communication links among physicians, patients, health plans, hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, insurers and employers
  • Order and track prescriptions and laboratory tests
  • Electronic medical records with easy templates

The billing functions from are some of the most complete and comprehensive in the industry. You can quickly and reliably manage your billing with these fine features:

  • Unlimited fee schedules for selected providers and plans
  • Line items posting with default values expedites data entry
  • Point and click billing for fee slips is faster than ever
  • Standard charges by CPT code and location are all pre-entered
  • The Group Procedure billing automatically enters multiple lines of billing for a particular procedure at the click of mouse
  • Add patients from the same screen that you post charges
  • Online fee slips
  • Auto-payment posting

Our cutting-edge system, utilizes state-of-the-art IBM servers interfaced with specialized Oracle relational databases. This technologically-advanced system allows safe and secure remote-access to your virtual office from anywhere in the world.

With, not only are day-to-day costs pared down or eliminated, but there is no initial cost of software, hardware, and servers. There are no costs for equipment other than the PCs used to connect to the’s online program through a broadband connection. From that point, your virtual office is ready to serve you and your patients for years to come.