For Physicians

Experience a uniquely comprehensive medical management system that not only reduces cost, but ensures your practice is always up-to-date, compliant and easy to manage!

With medical Practice Management software from, physicians can minimize administrative bureaucracy while maximizing patient care. allows physicians to spend more of their time on patients, and less time on the administration and management that comes with a successful practice. Our web-based, virtual medical office has billing management, patient scheduling and more, which lessens the workload on administrative and medical billing personnel.’s medical practice software is easy to set-up and in just a few days you can reap the benefits of a paperless management system, including:

  • Complete patient histories from our global patient network
    • Patient documentation
    • Hospital rounds
    • PDA and Tablet-enabled
  • Communication links among physicians, patients, health plans, hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, insurers and employers
  • Shared document management
  • Order and track prescriptions and laboratory tests
  • Automatically check insurance eligibility and referrals
  • Electronic claims scrubbing and submission
  • Billing, payment tracking and accounting
  • Patient scheduling
  • Comprehensive web-based patient management

It’s easy to start, too. All you need is a PC with a web browser and broadband internet access to automatically link to other hospitals, pharmacies, labs, insurance agencies – anywhere in the worldwide health community. The patient care cycle in its entirety has been streamlined – all aspects simplified and expedited by the Medical Practice Management program, such as:

  • Patients arrive, and’s check-in feature alerts the entire staff of their arrival.
  • Patient memos allow free flow of information to the staff regarding co-pays, authorized referral visits and expiration dates.
  • Patient referrals and eligibility can also be verified online through our integrated program.
  • Scheduling is color-coded and has multi-case and multi-incident facets to simply and accurately track all patient scheduling information.
  • Family scheduling features enable multiple patients to schedule visits with multiple physicians in a single group.

Membership includes access to a complete PDR which is regularly updated. A prescription writing feature automatically attaches prescriptions to patients’ medical record, allows physicians to view complete patient prescription history, and to choose fax, email, or paper output for prescriptions. A hot list of frequently prescribed drugs and PDA interface expedite the process further. All of which shaves time off of every interaction in the practice.

Prescriptions are just one facet of the program.’s medical practice management system has a comprehensive and streamlined electronic medical records management function. Transcription modules allow internal staff or external transcriptions to modify files. Medical records, like all of the system, is accessible from anywhere there is a high-speed internet connection allowing employees to maintain contact with the practice from anywhere in the world. eliminates the expense of storing, maintaining, and creating hard copies of patients’ medical records. Physicians are able to order lab tests, too, and have continual access to PDR, diagnosis information, treatments, allergies and immunizations for all patients. Additional information about patients insurance and hospital reports, too, is easily and quickly accessed.