Improve productivity
Streamline scheduling
Capture more money, faster

Improve revenues and gain greater control of your practice

Track, manage and optimize financial and administrative processes with Picasso’s cloud-based practice management system.

For over a decade, Picasso by has been helping practices create healthier bottom lines through our fully unified EHR and Practice Management (PM) system allows for efficient and seamless flow from scheduling all the way through collections and analytics.

  • Getting practices paid more
  • Getting claims paid faster
  • Keeping claims error-free
  • ICD-10 Ready

“Our bottom line improved dramatically as soon as we implemented Picasso. Over 92% of our claims are paid on the first pass and Picasso’s reporting tools allow us to easily remedy any denied claims. Our investment in Picasso has been well worth it.”

– Marina Adelman, Ultimate Billing

Front Desk

An enterprise scheduler supports central scheduling at the practice level, with customizable, color-coded scheduling templates that include adjustable time increments, recurring appointments, real-time wait listing, and much more. With Picasso, your front-desk staff can easily book and confirm appointments, manage the check-in and checkout process, and manage schedules across multiple providers and locations.
Picasso has streamlined the registration process, including real-time eligibility and referral checking. With minimal clicks, the front-desk can capture or upload patient pictures, insurance ID cards and store patient signatures. Picasso maintains one central patient record and allows for a variety of medical cases, such as workmen compensation, no fault or a private case on the same patient.
On-demand, batched, or automatic, verifying patient eligibility claims status or referral on-demand with a payer or checking the status of a claim can be done in real-time, with results appearing quickly. With Picasso, 278 on-demand referrals, 270/271 eligibility requests/responses and 276/277 claim status checking is a breeze.


Picasso verifies that all charges are entered in an efficient and accurate manner. It accommodates all posting scenarios, such as Insurance, Workers Comp, No Fault, and Cumulative Hospital billing. The charges can be verified and scrubbed online or in a batch with insurance regulations or the practice’s custom rules. Picasso also automatically alerts you that a co-pay amount should be applied to a patient’s account while posting charges.
With Picasso, you can get paid faster and spend less time chasing down payments. Picasso applies sophisticated billing rules to every claim to check for errors or missing information before electronically submitting to a HIPAA-compliant payer or to a clearinghouse. In the event the claim is not cleared, Picasso automatically posts and tracks information about rejections, enabling practice managers to resolve rejections and denials by gathering missing information, correcting data entry errors, and resubmitting electronic claims within each payers’ timely filing deadlines.
Picasso’s robust payment posting tools help improve practice productivity by automatically posting electronic insurance payments and streamlining the manual payment posting process. You can post insurance payments automatically with ERAs, post insurance checks from EOBs, post patient payments, and print receipts. By automating and streamlining payment posting, you can improve your productivity and save time.


Picasso offers a comprehensive assortment of reports, enabling practice managers to monitor key practice metrics. Use accounts receivable reports to monitor the revenue you are owed. Use encounters and charges reports to monitor your billings. Use payments and adjustments reports to review your collections. Use denial management reports to identify data entry errors and missed revenue opportunity. Use patient and scheduling reports to monitor the flow of patients through the practice.
Picasso allows you to report across all of the practices and users within your organization. Use company indicators reports to track the relative performance of every practice under your management. Use user productivity reports to monitor the workflow and productivity of users throughout your organization.
You can schedule the automatic delivery of provider performance reports by email on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The email reports provide key performance indicators such as patients, charges, payments, A/R balance and more. You can configure the reports to be delivered to many email addresses such as the physician, the office manager, or others.