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Streamline Billing Processes + Increase Revenue Streams with RCM at lower prices

Doc-tor Practice Management meets the demands of any billing service company, whether you keep the books for a small, family-centered clinic or handle the billing for hundreds of physicians and clinics. Streamline billing with innovative features:

  • Reduce and simplify billing procedures with line item posting, batch entry, and group billing features.
  • Take advantage of point-and-click entry from fee slips to manage charges from multiple physicians.
  • Add new patients to the posting charges screen and deliver faster service at check-out.
  • Reduce lost charges with electronic encounter management.
  • Create standing orders to handle recurring bills with a single click.
  • Find the correct insurance carrier to bill with effective policy dates.

Contact our practice specialist at 1-877-505-1888 to learn how Doc-torwill be a masterpiece of efficiency for your office.