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Picasso Community

Empower your patients with 24/7 access with a suite of patient engagement and social tools that gives you, your practice and your patients a secure way to communicate and collaborate. Engage patients anywhere through a mobile patient portal to provide a better experience for them while reducing administrative hassle for your practice.


Secure Patient Portal

Patients get a free, secure and convenient way to stay in touch with you, request appointments, access clinical records and even pay bills online.

Patients can enter their own data, view medication history, access their complete medical record, receive clinical summaries, patient education, and schedule appointments.


Key Features

  • Enables fast, secure and convenient multi-directional communication between patients
  • Tools to help patients engage in their own health and wellness
  • Patient access to the portal from computers or mobile devices 24×7
  • Helps reduce staff workload, creating greater efficiencies

“We live on the cloud with Picasso, it’s easy to customize and the templates can be tailored to how we work at our practice.”

– Young Lee, M.D., Relievus


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