Our Mission: Improve Collaborative Care

Independent Physician Practices

Improve Patient Engagement & Workflow with Cloud-based EHR.

The patient care cycle in its entirety has been streamlined, simplified and expedited by the innovators at Doc-tor.com.

With a signature style unmatched in the industry, Our cloud-based, fully integrated EHR & Practice Management solution helps you deliver care efficiently with minimal disruption and optimal connection to your patients.

It ensures you have a rich pool of accurate patient information available at all times, and prevents double records, searching through charts, tedious billing and scheduling errors.

Unmatched Ease of Use:

  • Based on the Microsoft® Office® look and feel design and functionality.
  • Utilization is designed for the way you work.
  • Easily document the clinical encounter: like our tab layout with point and click, voice dictation, visual diagrams of the body or a combination of each.

The comprehensive Picasso Practice Management system is designed for the way physicians can most effectively operate their practices – reducing costs and ensuring compliance. It minimizes administrative bureaucracy while maximizing patient care.

The cloud-based medical office suite has billing management and comprehensive patient management that provides:

Complete patient histories from our global patient network:

  • Patient documentation
  • Hospital rounds
  • PDA and Tablet-enabled

Communication links among physicians, patients, health plans, hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, insurers and employers.

The software’s ease of use and intuitive interface enables effortless:

  • Rx and laboratory ordering and tracking
  • Automatic insurance eligibility and referrals checks
  • Electronic claims scrubbing and submission
  • Billing, payment tracking and accounting
  • Patient scheduling

“What was most impressive about Picasso implementation was how smooth it went. Their training was thorough, and the support is top-notch.”

– Joseph D. Sutton, M.D., Sutton Dermatology

PICASSO by doc-tor.com

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