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Doc-tor.com Joins the Harris and Amazing Charts Family

As you know, Doc-tor.com is always looking to enhance our product line and overall value to our customers. We’re happy to announce that Harris has acquired Doc-tor.com. It’s with great pleasure that we welcome you to the Harris user community – a dedicated and knowledgeable group of more than 2,300 employees and 10,000 customers.

Harris has been serving its customers for more than 30 years. It’s a software company focused on providing solutions that empower people who serve their communities, including those in utilities, local government, schools, public safety, and healthcare. Its mission is to enable our customers to deliver essential services, safety, and care to their constituents.

With the acquisition, Doc-tor.com will be joining the Harris Healthcare and Amazing Charts family, which has grown to include Harris Caretracker, digiChart, Clinix, MEDfx, and Pulse. The Amazing Charts family and Doc-tor.com + Picasso are here to stay. Harris practices a “Software for Life” philosophy, meaning it will support your products forever, without forcing you to change solutions. Harris never sells the companies it buys or builds and we look forward to serving you for decades.

We’re excited about our future as we combine the skills, dedication, market knowledge, and solutions of Doc-tor.com with the long‐term ownership values of Harris. Doc-tor.com, with the support of Harris and Amazing Charts, will work with you to preserve prior commitments. We encourage and welcome your input and feedback.

Ultimately, our success comes from helping you succeed. We take pride in what we do and we look forward to earning your loyalty and support as our newest Harris customers. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your existing support resources. You can also view a FAQ sheet with more details on the acquisition.


Russell Keene
Executive Vice President
Harris – Amazing Charts

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PICASSO by doc-tor.com

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40 Boroline Road
Allendale, NJ 07401

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